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David’s work is a merge of intuition and knowledge deriving from a deep source. Simplicity characterizes his approach. A true rewarding experience!Alba Calazada Carter
Pilates Teacher


David’s experience as a dancer and choreographer, his studies of Gyrotronic, combined with his deep understanding of the essence of Joseph Pilates’ work make his approach unique. He deals with the body as an entity that moves and is transformed.Loi Kail
Pilates Teacher, Director Studio L., Manhattan


When I joined David’s Pilates class I did so with the conviction that through my years of practicing Yoga I have good body awareness and control. David’s gentle yet very demanding style of teaching, and his adherence to Jo Pilates’-basic concepts, is teaching me a whole new way of moving. He helps me to ‘organize’ or ‘reorganize’ my body, as he calls it, in a way that not only complements my Yoga beautifully, but is useful for my physically very demanding lifestyle.”Heidi Ruehlmann

Everyone’s body has huge potential

If we begin with the fact that the body has a set of ‘Givens’, for example:

  • The body is highly intelligent
  • The body can heal itself
  • The body is highly adaptable
  • The body is a totally integrated, self regulating system

BodyReCoding taps into that potential. It is an approach that provides a person with skills and tools to navigate his/her body. To help with the organization of body and mind, leading to a simplicity that helps the body to optimize itself – finding grace as an expression of pure power.

BodyReCoding is an approach open and beneficial to anyone – young, old, athletes, physically impaired…
It starts premovement, finds a neutral working platform to set you up to do anything you want.

“I believe that we need to be more mindful while we go about our daily lives. We should not simply use our bodies without attention to them, nor should we take our bodies for granted and ignore when they are stressed, tired or hurt…To start we will all need to work on developing and improving a good mind/body relationship. The ultimate goal for our bodies is that they be responsive, balanced, poised, graceful efficient and easy to use.“

Have a look at the videos and let the work speak for itself…

"David is a thoughtful and talented teacher"

- Alba Calazada Carter, Pilates teacher

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