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“It is a journey that you go on when you work with a teacher. I don’t have any ownership of the journey or the person. I really don’t want to take over or influence someone beyond that we work together, and they use this situation to get whatever they can out of it. And all I promise is my complete attention, and all we do is to be very present. I like to think one of the reasons the work I do appeals to people, and I believe the work Marilyn does appeals to people, is that it is all about that person. I could look at somebody and say, 20 years, 30 years down the road, will this person roll themselves out of bed, stand up cool and tall, walk down the stairs, enjoy the body? Are they going to be open, loose and easy, their tummy relaxed, their spine long? That’s what I think good work is, setting us up in life.”

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by Renee Samuels / Catskill Mountain Foundation, Guide Magazine

“To communicate with the body, we need to speak and listen using the body’s language, it’s code. To be transformative we need to operate and interface with this code that the body uses to talk to itself. In an earlier article in the Guide (March, 2003), I emphasized the art of observation as the first tool we need to develop in order to connect with our bodies. We need to take responsibility for our bodies and the many varied tasks it has to do.

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Catskill Mountain Foundation, Guide Magazine

“Our bodies represent the most sophisticated set of potentials on the planet. We have densely embedded cortical nerve connections that far exceed the complexity of any other system known to us. So how do we begin to approach this range, this complexity, and how do we make real assessments of the body’s needs and the best way to supply them? How do we begin to approach working with our bodies?
“The first answer is that there are no easy answers; and the second answer is that there are answers, long term answers.”

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Catskill Mountain Foundation, Guide Magazine

“Most of us take that idea of the new start—new promise, new energy—and it gets thwarted, because we try and add on without checking the foundation. Most people think about putting additions on their homes. But I start with the basement: What can this foundation sustain? If you’re engaged in creating your own internal architecture, automatically your ability to pay attention increases. This builds mental as well as physical strength. It’s remarkable—people’s bodies and minds begin to stabilize. I think it is about being mindful. The hard part about working on our bodies is that it is so incredibly familiar to us that we do not see it. We do not see our habitual usage of the body.”

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by Owen Lipstein / InsideOut Magazine

"David is a thoughtful and talented teacher"

- Alba Calazada Carter, Pilates teacher

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