Yah mon! dis here page is in my Ja Ja Jamaican language.

I find se dat de “Ja” prose can ave powa an can penetrate de people’s dem mind.



Have to Be Response – Fe We Body (2:18)

We Deep Into It – Dis Ya Body (2:46)

Dat Baby Mind – Program de Body (2:32)

Dance de Life – Don’t Smash ‘n Crash (2:07)

Body Can Come Back (2:00)


So mek me tell unno something. Things about the work that I do. Well, I man, work on bodies, better yet, I man, work with bodies. Since a person comes wid de body, well I end up working wid de person, right along. My work, Bodyrecoding, concerns wid paying attention to the body’s code. The language that fe yu body employs to commune internally, well dat is a code. De body nu speak no English or odda language, the body simple understand de ting we wan it fe do. To execute what we want, it ave fe translate de want into de bodies owna code, a code wha tell our body wha fe do. I know dis is a basic and well accepted concept, fe me it is the implications that it suggests that I mans have been focus pon for mos a me years, satta on dis planet..

So lemme tel yu, I wan fe start a new type of conversation bout the body. A new look at how we propose fe live in it, now and on inna de future. If we are fortunates we lives a long life, if we are very fortunates we lives a long life, inna well available body.

I mon ave spent a long time, looking at de body, watching it, breathing into it, moving it. The body is the place where we will spend our longest time bar none. Truth dat!

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Yes, back to the new conversation business. I feel se we know a lot about the body and how it functions, we have up many sophisticated an de nuance way of working wid de body. Still an all, we nuh ave up many idea’s dat pays attention to de body itself.

Yes it’s true, de evidence is in, in every cross section of persons one choose fe cast an eye pon, yu can see de people’s are in trouble wid der bodies, young peoples, miggle age peoples and so called ole peoples. De people’s already starts talking bout ole when somady jus reach into dem sixties, imagine dat.

So given the poor results, dat we can see, over de whola population. You ave fe wonda, is the conversation we have been having about the body, de right one, an a balanced one fe de long ride in disya body.

I met up one gentlemans, an him jus a done wid 12 year of schooling, dat focussed on rheumatoid arthritis. De man well smart, yu know. Many book and paper him dey study. Nothing wrong wid dat, per se. Still when I man launch a inquiry se, ‘in dat whole time yu de study up an a practice de craf, did yu study up and talk bout de gravity’? De gravity weh we born inna, where de whole a de world species dem, evolve to fit? ‘No him se, no we din’t look into de gravity business’. Now look upon dat, A whola system design fe study de joints dem and de joint function, an dem don’t tink se, dat gravity is de boss an dat dung pulling powa, well it run de show.

The biggest issue dat I see wid how we liveup in de body, is our poor sense and understanding of the gravity field we live in. We have de small foots, we go up high; how the weight or the force of the body travels though itself to the floor has a great deal to do with the long term health and availability of de body.

Yea man, dis body is under very, ‘heavy manners’. If yu no in tune wid de law of gravity, den trouble a brew dung de road. Tink about it. Our bodies are strong and resilient, but they tend fe stall out down the road, with poor usage mostly, but i feel se, mostly de body dem can come back. Can come back, when it a stall out in a corna, jus a pose up and feels like it can’t come outa dat trap. Can come back, even if yu ave ignore it fe de long while, body can come back to life. Truth an Ting is, a we personally, dat is response fe keeping dis body boat rocking along an sweet dance wid de gravity king.

Yes man’s an woman’s an such, where was I?

Ok….Mek me se someting right ere now. Each an every body is on its onna trajectory, yu can fe de mos part, plot out where it is going to land if it keep on going wid out de change, which usually does not happen. I se, too bad, cause jus a litle change will tek a whole different course an lan in a different place , maybe not so rocky and barren, but a lan of wood and water, jus like my country, Ja Ja lan, Jamaica.

Remember few things now!

One: De ware an de tear on de people’s den body, dat mostly come from jus de stress of poor daily use, from jus de tings dem dat we do round and round de day. De damaging stress effect jus bill up, bill up, from de poor 24/7 use.

When I start fe work wid a body, I first talk wid the peoples to ear bout them. Ear the body history from dem, an ask de questions bout many tings. It serves fe gi me a context fe see dem in dere circumstances. Also de question question lead de persons fe start fe look at dere own body picture histoire too.

We all ave a spin up narrative a dance up in fe we brain bout what our body story is, and how things go, an worst, is we also know se how things should go. iffen we could only ju boss it up an fix it up. When we ave fe press dat vagueness into de word dems, well dat time we can ear it and regard it and decide se, is dat de truth , de whola truth. It is a good ting fe start working on the body to maybe tink bout retinking what we think we know bout our body, an furder more, how our body should operate.

I always, mostly start wid the foot dem, I have a lot fe se bout de foot back to the person, I say about der foot’s, an de role of de foot’s in the scheme of how de body dey function.

It’s important to note that fe we foot dem, dey is very small, very small in relationship to we vertical height. In an idle moment, one could tink dat any good design would have made the foot’s dem more bigger, roun an roun, but it is a nonsensical thought. I jus image it sometimes.

So when I is working with a persons body, dis talking to the person business gets complex, my role is to advocate back to them on behalf of fe dem body.

Yes yes, we no see de body, we no see it, cause we is right dere into it. Right dere into the miggle of it. inextricably into it.

You have to think dat, when some one say’s, dem want fe connect up wid dem body, dat it doin’t really mek sense when den se someting like dat. I mean, you know what dey means, but in truth, it no mek too much sense. Listen, they se we have bout 70 trillion cell inna fe we body, scatta bout de place, and that there is more spaces in de body dan de actual cell dem weh we ave. Dem also se, dat each an every one a dem cell, carry fe we own double helix spiral complex, fe we own DNA. So how yu a go conneck up, when we is already so deeply interwoven. It come in, like yu was looking fe yu glasses dem, but all de time dry is on yu head an you a look thru dem. Well den, dat mus tell yu se, you have to change the way you are searching if yu really wan fe fine de glasses, and de same ting if you want fe find out dat you is in de body already, in every part of it. So don worry bout it. Settle down, listen up, body is right dere to teach us, Praise Jah.

Our bodies are well smart, deep thinking nuanced and very subtile. Dem se de body need about one million signal a second fe jus live. That every little ting we do is backed up supported and facilitated by a whole heap of continuous data stream. Dat dere is 10 trillion calculations a minute a run thru unno brain. So listen now, one somady tell me se dat de work is very nuanced and subtile, he tell me dat cause him want to feel like him can’t do it, can’t mek it work. I straight away tel him dese facts. We may tink se we live and go on bout our business inna visible an rational worl, but underpinning dat everyday worl is incredible nuance. Truth, coming now! We talk’s to each odda in compressed voice atmospherics, we see each odda through de million of de pixel dem, an reverse dem to boot. We also store up everyting dat brushes gainst us. An not to mention smell, which part of de billionth molecule dem, do we want to talk bout dat. Leave feeling touch out of it to, if yu no want fe talk nuanced. So everything we do is incredibly complex. Jus a little look an talk and smell and whole heap of brain body business have fe light anna fire up.

Yu see dis bring me to a well important point, namely. We do not run dis body. Our input intode body data stream is one of integration, not one of being in charge. So if yu know dat, well den yu have fe change de way you tink’s about fe yu body. If we is not de direct boss, then wat is our true role in dis body mind business.

I feel se, that our role in de body is to facilitate the democracy of all it’s parts so that the body is available to itself, and can optimize how it accesses and utilizes it’s resources. We could also se our primary role is to bring, a unity of intention to the process.

My work is not fe de faint hearted, it is more like a process weh de person’s has to dig deep and know an fine out wah a go on inside a we. Truth is, it’s not about what we are acquiring, its not about what we are getting rid of. We are engaged into learning to see what in fact our bodies do. It seems like we should just be able to do that easy, but wat we do inside the body, well it is invisible for the most part to us. i am not talking about the everlasting attention society ave wid de task dat de body is doing, I am pointing to what happens inside the body in response to the request to do that task. What we do inside is invisible to us, we do not see it, even our pronounced habits, we usually do not even know that we are doing it. Even when it is a habit pattern dat is obvious to everyone else, mos times we no se i. De body has many rhymes and rhythms and patterned habits of response. I man se dat a whole lot of fe we body pattern and movement came about, well, kinda thoughtlessly.

We really get very poor information about our bodies in the course of growing up. Funny ting yu know, we can buy up some little ting, when whelk roun, we dey get all of ten pages of instruction on how fe assemble and use and care for de little meaga something. Now look at de body so fill up wid de potential fe be resilient an integrated an robust, den what appen. We don get no big big instruction book wid it, dere is no manual of operations. From friends and family dere is very little useful guidance on how fe operate in de body. Dats funny, no. The one ting we all have in common, the one ting that is the most important ting underpinning our time on earth, and that is even when it is damaged in some way. This unique amazing body. So which part can we fine’s de clarity about it. Which part is de basic basic information we all need’s fe navigate de long waters of dis life. Dis life wid all its trials an de tribulations dem, de rough waves and storms and such. Even de calm, we ave know how fe do de glide flow business.

We ave a culture where de young people, and de young wanting people’s, are pushing and pulling at de body and working it well strong. Mostly dats good, de body is well strong, de body is mek fe to do tings with. Still an all, we ave fe be mindful of de long ride, de long term inhabitation. Yu se, dis is fe we home! de onliest ones we got. Don’t just rough it up, push it up, an pull at it. Also definate, don’t boss it up, dats no good at all. Yu ave fe tek care of it, an listen to it like yu would a chile. As for de ole people’s dem, the so named ole peoples, well dey ave mostly given up, an sad to say have swallowed de bitta pill of age and it’s liabilities. De bodies commence fe run down, and look’s like dey cain’t start up again, really mon, dis is a self fulfilling rampage.

No NO NO, don’t give’s up on dis magnificence. Invest in it, learn from it, trus into it. Everyting can change, and can change again. Truth is, de nature of life is de change, de constant change. We have fe learn fe utilize dat fact an stan up strong and soft and fluid, balance inna dis life.

Well it’s de time to conclude an end dis writing business fe now, so I se, ’peace an love, an walk good’….old time jamaica saying.

Inna de aiwa,

"David is a thoughtful and talented teacher"

- Alba Calazada Carter, Pilates teacher

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